ISAW Papers 4 (February, 2012)
The Cosmos in the Antikythera Mechanism
Tony Freeth and Alexander Jones

Scientific data produced by Hewlett-Packard Inc. This shows Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) with specular enhancement of the three main fragments of the Antikythera Mechanism, Fragment A (top row), Fragment B (bottom left) and Fragment C (bottom right). PTMs enhance surface details, revealing text and features that are difficult to read from photographs. 82 fragments survive, which are probably all from the Mechanism.

e-MATH: The Antikythera Mechanism I
With Java animations by Bill Casselman.

General plan of all gearing, composite diagram
from De Solla Price, Transactions of the American Philosophical
Society Vol 64 No 7 (1974). Reproduced with permission.

Rob S. Rice
USNA Eleventh Naval History Symposium
Paper for Collected Volume
The Antikythera Mechanism:
Physical and Intellectual Salvage from the 1st Century B.C.

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The "Antikythera Mechanism" Exhibitions

List of countries and cities that hosted "Antikythera Mechanism within the Astronomy and Technology of its Time" exhibitions. In some cases, the exhibitions are adapted in order to include objects from local collections, within a wider thematic about time and astronomy. Most of these exhibitions were funded by the Hephaestus Project (FP7 - Capacities, Regpot-2008-1).
The original fragments of the Antikythera Mechanism are on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.

Greece (Athens, National Hellenic Research Foundation, 12/2009-1/2010)
Greece (Heraklion, Natural History Museum of Crete, 6/2010-8/2011)
Greece (Kythera, 8/2010 - together with the Ionic Centre)
Spain (Barcelona, 11/2010)
Serbia (Belgrade, 5/2011)
Italy (Pavia, 6/2011)
Belgium (Liège, Embarcadère du Savoir, 9/2011 - adaptation and extension)
France (Paris, Musée des Arts et Métiers, 10/2011 - adaptation and extension)
Austria (Echophysics at Poellau Castle)
Germany (Berlin, Max Planck Institute, 12/2011 - 1/2012)
Greece (Chios, Homereion Cultural Centre and Maria Tsakos Foundation, 3/2012)
Switzerland (Basel, 3/2012)
Greece (Athens, National Archaeological Museum, 4/2012-4/2013)
China (Beijing, General Assembly - International Union of Astronomy, 8/2012)

[list last updated February 25, 2011] Source: (HPDST) The History, Philosophy and Didactics of Science Programme